April Wedding Flowers

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Looking for April wedding flowers? We’ve put together a handy list of what tends to be in season during this time. However, availability is dependent on a lot of factors, including the weather, so we can’t make any guarantees.


Tweedia is a great way to add a touch of ‘Something Blue’ to your bridal ensemble. Blue isn’t exactly a common colour when it comes to flowers, which makes Tweedia all the more special. Pair it with pale orange roses for a bright contrast effect. Or, use Tweedia to add a pop of colour to a classic all-white bouquet. Tweedia’s dainty size also makes it a great option for men’s boutonnieres and women’s corsages. Check out our Instagram for more tweedia creations.

April marks the tail end of Tulip season, which typically begins in late December. Tulips are well-known for being the national flower of the Netherlands. While not one of our most requested wedding flowers, we do get a few due to this cultural significance. There are a few different ways tulips can be incorporated into your wedding flowers. Pale pink and orange tulips can be paired with coral peonies, lecodendron, as well as plenty of greenery for a rustic, autumnal vibe. For a more classic, elegant look, white tulips can be paired with other white blooms, greenery, and Bells of Ireland.

Our final pick for April is Tuberose. Tuberose is widely used in perfumes for its sweet, musky scent. When planning to include tuberose in your wedding flowers, it’s important to consider the scents of other flowers. Not all scents mix well. Contrary to it’s name, tuberose is not actually a rose but a member of the asparagus family. The more you know.


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