February Wedding Flowers

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Looking for February Wedding Flowers? We’ve put together a handy guide as to what’s generally in season during this time. However, availability does tend to vary, so keep yourself open to change.


Hydrangea tends to be in full swing during February. These big, beautiful blooms are a great way to beef up a bouquet for brides on a budget. While white is usually the most popular colour for weddings, we also love ourselves some Purple Antiques. The subtle shift from purple to brown gives Antiques a rustic flair.

Also available during February is Scabiosa. While it might sound like an awful skin condition, these dainty brown flowers are one of our top picks. Scabiosa looks great paired with white blooms and plenty of foliage. It has a very limited season, so prices can be high.

Our final pick for February is Hypericum Berries. Also known as St Johns Wort, these bright red berries make a great accent to any floral arrangement. Wow, February really seems to be the month for awkward names, doesn’t it?



One thing to note about February is that Valentine’s day falls smack dab in the middle of it. Valentine’s is by far our busiest day of the year, and we do a lot of preparation in the weeks before. Unfortunately, this does limit our availability for weddings. It’s usually pretty safe to assume that we will not be accepting booking between the 1st and the 20th of Feb. However, to check if we can provide your February wedding flowers, please contact us.

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