Fresh Flowers Care Instructions

Step One: Remove Wrappings

Carefully remove the packaging from your flowers. Leave the string holding the bunch together intact if you want to keep your flowers in their current arrangement. Use sharp scissors or secateurs to re-cut the bottoms of the stems at an angle, about 2cm away from the ends.

Step Two: Place in Water

Fill a clean vase with cool water. Some flowers, such as dahlias and sunflowers, look best in an opaque vase, as they tend to make the water clouy. Place your flowers in the vase, making sure that all stems are submerged Remove any leaves that end up underwater.

Step Three: Position your flowers

Place your flowers somewhere cool, out of direct sunlight. Avoid placing your flowers on or near sources of heat, such as heat pumps or fireplaces, and do not place them near fresh fruit – especially bananas and apples, as this will cause your flowers to break down faster.

Step Four: Replenish water

Change the water in the vase every couple of days, or as it gets low. Make sure you re-cut the stems as described above each time you change the water.

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