July Wedding Flowers

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Looking for July wedding flowers? We’ve put together a handy list of what tends to be in season during this time. However, availability is dependent on a lot of factors, including the weather, so we can’t make any guarantees.


July marks the start of Hyacinth season. Believe it or not, these fragrant flowering plants belong to the same family as agave and asparagus. There are two main types of Hyacinths. Grape Hyacinth, named for their grape-like appearance, are a great way to add a touch of “something blue” to your wedding ensemble. They also make a great addition to flower crowns and boutonnieres. Fifty Flowers has done great write up on Hyacinths, and how they can be incorporated into your wedding flowers.

Erica is another one of our July faves. Also kown as Erica Carnea, or Winter Heather, this bushy bell-shaped flower has a woody stem similar to rosemary. Erica ranges in colour from white to bright pink. While a few sprigs of Erica can look great added into a bouquet, a bunch on its own in one of our vintage glass jars makes a great rustic centerpeice.

Our final wedding flower pick for July is Poppy! While not a hugely popular choice for weddings, Poppies are a great way to add a pop (lol) of colour to a dreary winter. A few brightly coloured poppies in a glass jar make a sweet and simple guest table centerpiece with just a touch of whimsy. We offer a full vase hire service along with our wedding flowers. To enquire, simply check the box for vase hire when you fill out our Wedding Quote Form.


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