June Wedding Flowers

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Looking for June wedding flowers? We’ve put together a handy list of what tends to be in season during this time. However, availability is dependent on a lot of factors, including the weather, so we can’t make any guarantees.


In the last few months we’ve seen a huge surge in population for King Protea – and we couldn’t be happier. These unique blooms feature a large, fuzzy, dome-shaped center, surrounded by spiky pink petals. Their large size makes them a great focal point for bridal bouquets, as well as standalone floral arrangements. We use King Proteas quite frequently when they’re in season. To get some ideas on how to incorporate one into your wedding flowers, check out our Instagram.

For such an unusual flower, Protea is surprisingly versatile. It lends itself well to both classic and tropical styles. For a tropical look, a single pink protea would look fantastic alongside pink anthuriums, cymbidium orchids, monsterrat and yellow palm. For something softer and more romantic, pair one with red amaranthus, pale orange garden roses, dahlias, queen anne’s lace, and plenty of green foliage.

Our next pick for June is ranunculus. Featuring layered, crepe-paper thin petals, this winter favourite comes in a huge range of colours. This makes it easy to incorporate ranunculus into your wedding flowers, no matter your chosen style or colour scheme. In the past we’ve paired pale green ranuculus with pink banksia, roses, and white orchids, for an elegant, feminine look. There’s also a great write-up on Ranunculus on the Martha Stewart Weddings blog. We recommend checking it out.

Our final pick for June is Anemones. Easily confused with poppies, Anemones feature delicate, papery petals, with bold, black centers. They come in colours, ranging from deep purple to white.


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