Potted Ficus Ruby


The stunning variegated leave of this Ruby Ficus make it an excellent choice for indoor décor. Sold in a blush pink ceramic pot, to the pink tones of the underside of the plant’s leaves.

Product Information


Ficus, also known as rubber plants, are a beautiful easy care houseplant. Ruby Ficus, with their stunning variegated leaves, are a popular choice as indoor décor. If allowed, these plants will grow from a mini shrub to an indoor tree. Part of Gellert’s ‘Air So Pure’ range, these plants help to cleanse air of impurities.

Sold in a large blush pink vintage-style ceramic pot, with a plastic liner which can be lifted out to allow for proper drainage.

Care Instructions

The more variegated the leaves, the lighter the position this plant will prefer, although full/direct sun is too much. Ficus require more watering in a light spot than a shady one. This plant prefers its soil to be kept slightly damp, and will thrive from a bit of plant food every month or so.



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