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Staff Favourites

It may sound strange, but some of our favourite items in the store are also some of the most overlooked. If you’re in need of some unique gift ideas, or perhaps a nice treat for yourself, these are our top 5  recommendations.

Number 1.

The Caker Cake Kits

“These cake kits are about as far from Betty Crocker as you can get. The coconut and raspberry has become my go-to when entertaining; I get a bakery quality cake for minimal effort, and all the satisfaction of having made it myself.

The vegan and gluten-free options are fantastic as well, you really can’t tell the difference between them and a so-called ‘normal’ cake. So, so, so yummy, and I know it’ll turn out perfect every time.”

Number 2.

Lyttelton Pottery Ceramic Travel Cups

“I will never stop recommending this cup! It’s the only one I’ve ever seen with a ceramic lid instead of plastic or silicone, and the difference in taste is definitely worth it.

I love that they’re handmade, and you can really feel the quality. The fact that they’re also dishwasher safe is another huge bonus. There’s something so soothing about wrapping your hands around that smooth glaze and feeling the warmth of your drink on a chilly winter morning.”

Number 3.

Mini Anthuriums

“Everything’s cuter in miniature form right? In my opinion these plants are perfect for gifting, they’re cheap, super easy to care for, and unlike orchids they pretty much flower year-round. Gender-neutral too, for those who care about that sort of thing.”

Number 4.

Hat Box Posies

“The hat box posy is our number one top selling item – and with good reason! Each one is stunning in it’s little round box, and being a florist’s choice arrangement, we can honestly say that no two are the same.

While a hat box posy is ideal for any occasion, we especially recommend them for bereavements and housewarmings, as inside the box is a hidden water bubble that will keep the flowers fresh for at least a couple of days, until the water needs to be changed.”

Number 5.

Shower Steamers

“Pretty much a bath bomb for your shower – perfect if you love bath bombs but don’t have a bath! I love these shower bombs in particular because of their simplicity. The smell incredible, come in simple recyclable packaging, and are large enough to last multiple showers.”

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