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Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquet

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Frequently Asked Questions

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It all comes down to personal preference and budget.

Our Wedding Flowers Guide lays out the different types of floral arrangements people typically have at weddings. It also includes our starting price for each item, so you can get an idea of the minimum you can expect to pay. 

Our gallery page contains a showcase of some of our past wedding work. If you’re still not sure on the colour or style of flowers you want for your wedding, this is a great place to get some inspiration.

We’ve also done a bit of write up on what you should consider when choosing your bridal bouquet, as well as some useful information about terminology and when different flowers are in season. You can read that here.

The sooner you contact us the better, especially if your wedding will be taking place during peak season. Six or more months prior to your wedding date is best, however we can work to a shorter timeframe provided we aren’t too busy.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are no longer taking bookings more than 18 months in advance.

Please note that we have an annual shutdown every year from Christmas to mid-January, and we do not take wedding bookings during this time. We don’t take bookings for public holiday weekends, and we don’t take bookings within a week either side of Valentines or Mother’s Day, as we’re just too busy.

If you know your budget and have a good idea of what you want, including quantities, you can submit an online quote request here. We’ll come back to you to confirm our availability, and get you booked in for a full consultation. We prefer to meet face to face to discuss wedding orders, as price depends on a wide range of factors.

We have a small range of vintage vases available for hire. If you have something specific in mind, we can also source brand-new vases and décor items for you. If this is something you require, let us know when you fill out your quote request form and we will let you know the cost.

Delivery and set-up are available for an additional fee, provided your venue is within our delivery area. If you need your flowers delivered to your venue, make sure to let us know when you submit your quote request, so we can make sure we are available.

Some items need to be constructed or arranged on site. If you have ordered an item that requires professional set up, we will let you know during the quoting stage.

Otherwise, free pick-up is available from our shop in Silverdale.

If you need to cancel your wedding as a result of a change in COVID-19 restrictions, we will offer a full refund less any costs incurred.

If you would like to postpone your wedding we will give you first priority over booking a new date when restrictions ease again.

Recently we’ve seen a lot of accusations being thrown around online, especially in certain Facebook groups, claiming that florists and other vendors rip off couples by charging more simply because it’s a wedding. This isn’t true of course, and we wish this harmful myth would disappear, but we can also understand how someone might come to this conclusion if they have no knowledge of the industry.

We’ll be the first to admit that flowers are not cheap, even more so in the current COVID climate. It’s been a struggle, and the structure of the New Zealand flower industry doesn’t help (but that’s another story). Many couples who are getting married and planning a wedding for the first time can be shocked to learn that the flowers on their Pinterest boards carry a hefty price tag. You can pick up a nice enough bouquet at a florist or supermarket for around $80, so why does a bridal bouquet cost upwards of $250?

The short answer: You’re not just paying for the flowers themselves, but also the consumables, packaging, time, labour, experience, skill, and logistics involved in ensuring your wedding flowers meet your expectations.

The long answer: Click here – it is long, but well worth a read.

Of course! We can provide flowers for almost any occasion, including weddings, funerals, graduation or awards ceremonies, parties, balls, fundraisers and more.

Check out our gallery page to take a look at some of our past work or click here to fill out a quote request form


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