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Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquet


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Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquet

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This is a question that always puts us on the spot, as every wedding is different. New Zealand Weddings magazine suggests that most couples spend around 8-10% of their wedding budget on flowers – however we know from experience that no two couples are the same.

For information about our base-level pricing, we recommend you have a read through our Wedding Flowers Guide. Whether you’re after a single simple bouquet – or ten elaborate ones – we can cater to any style and are happy to work to a budget. 

The sooner you contact us the better, especially during the busy summer period! Two or more months prior to the date of the event is best, however we can work to a shorter time-frame if necessary.

Please note that we accept all bookings on a first-come first-served basis, and bookings are only locked-in after we’ve received your 50% deposit.

While it definitely does help to have some idea of what you’re after, we’re happy to help with planning and suggestions. However, one thing we do recommend figuring out before your come to us is your budget.

For detailed information on what we offer, as well as some rough pricing, we recommend that you download our Wedding Flowers Guide.

If you’re in need of a little more inspiration, a great place to start is our Wedding Gallery. Have a scroll through some of our past work, or head on over to our Instagram for even more beautiful floral creations!

Wedding flower delivery is subject to availability. If you would like your flowers delivered, please make sure to let us know at the time of booking and we’ll see what we can do. Additional costs will apply.

Free pick-up is, of course, also available from our Silverdale store.

We get this one a lot.

We understand that wedding flowers seem expensive, especially when compared to what you’ve probably spent on a quick bunch from the supermarket, a florist, or even us in the past.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to wedding flowers, you’re not just purchasing a product, but also ordering a service.

From the initial consultation and early design stages, through to ordering and preparing the flowers, and putting together the final product – not to mention all the logistics involved in this process – wedding orders take a great deal of time, labour, thought, and care on our end.

It is also worth noting that the flowers you see on Pinterest, Instagram, and in magazines are typically premium blooms. Popular high-end flowers such as dahlias, roses, proteas, and peonies can carry a price-tag of $5 to $10 wholesale per stem. If you want something exactly like that beautiful Instagram photo you saw, chances are it’s going to set your back.

There’s a great blog post by Australian florist Jodie McGregor that goes into more detail about what determines the price of wedding flowers, click here to read it.

We sure can! We offer a full set-up service for venues within the Auckland area. This service is subject to an hourly rate of $60, plus mileage to and from the venue. Most set-ups take between 1-2 hours.

We’re also happy to provide partial set-ups and set-up instructions for our DIY clients, too.

We have an extensive range of gorgeous vintage vases available for hire, or, if you’re looking to buy; can also source brand-new vases and decor to perfectly match your style and theme.

We sure do! We can provide flowers for almost any occasion; including weddings, funerals, graduation or awards ceremonies, parties, balls, fundraisers and more.

Check out our gallery page to take a look at some of our past work, or contact us for a free, no obligation quote. 

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We can provide flowers for almost any occasion; including weddings, funerals, graduation or awards ceremonies, parties, balls, fundraisers and more. 

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